Lecture Series by French Polar Explorer Jean-Louis Etienne - "Oceans and Ice Caps : What the Poles Tell Us About Our Future"

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Famed French polar explorer and physician Jean-Louis Etienne will start a lecture tour on « Oceans and Ice Caps : What the Poles Tell Us About Our Future ».

Speaking in 5 cities (Boston, MA – Dec 12th, Washington, DC – Dec 14th, Shreveport, LA – Dec 15th, Birmingham, AL – Dec 16th and Reno, NV – Dec 17th), Dr. Etienne will talk about these regions, so dear to his heart, about their evolution over the past 30 years, and about what polar science can bring to our understanding of the impact of human activities on Earth’s delicate balance. He will also describe his next expedition, the Polar Pod, a one year drift around Antarctica in the “furious fifties” to measure the exchanges between ocean and atmosphere.

Lectures calendar:

- December 12, 2012 in Boston, MA
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
RSVP: http://events.mit.edu/event.html?id=14990461&date=2012/12/12

- December 14, 2012 in Washington, DC
at the embassy of France (Maison Française), at 6:30pm
RSVP: http://france-science.org/Lecture-by-French-Polar-Explorer.html

- December 15, 2012 in Shreveport, LA
at the Sci-port Louisiana’s Science Center, from 3:30pm to 6pm
RSVP: sciport.org

- December 16, 2012 in Birmingham, AL
at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB), from 5pm to 7pm
RSVP: http://www.uab.edu/cas/news-and-events/events/461-oceans-a-ice-caps-what-the-poles-tell-us-about-our-future

- December 17, 2012 in Reno, NV
at the Desert Research Institute (DRI)
RSVP: http://www.dri.edu/news/4208-desert-research-institute-hosts-lecture-by-french-polar-explorer-jean-louis-etienne

For more information, please visit http://jeanlouisetienne.com/EN or download the brochure (pdf).

About Jean-Louis Etienne:

After completing medical school, Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne embarked in a life as a expedition physician. In 1977-78, he participated in his capacity as ship’s doctor, in the Whitbread Round the World Race on board Eric Tabarly’s mythical Pen Duick 6.
A mountain buff, he climbed peaks in the Himalayas, Patagonia, and Greenland, among others. In 1986, he became the first person to reach the North pole single-handedly, pulling his sled for 63 days in complete solitude.

Building on this personal achievement, Jean-Louis Etienne began organizing polar expeditions for scientific and educational purposes. In 1989-90, with Will Steger, he co-led Trans-Antarctica, the longest ever traverse of the Antarctic continent with sled dogs, over 7 months, covering nearly 4 000 miles . He later went on to explore the Erebus volcano on Antarctica, wintered in Spitzberg on his new vessel « Antarctica”, and drifted on ice over the North Pole on board the Polar Observer. In April 2010, he managed the first traverse of the Arctic Ocean in a hot air balloon.

His next project, the Polar Pod, is a new type of oceanographic vessel which will drift around Antarctica in the “furious fifties” for nearly a year, and measure the exchanges of Carbon dioxide between the ocean and the atmosphere in one our planet’s largest carbon sinks.

Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne, aged 65, will talk about the polar regions so dear to his heart, and their evolution over the past 30 years, and he will describe what polar science brings to the understanding of our Earth’s delicate balance.