Links: Work, Study and Research in France

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Here are some useful websites to land a job, scholarship or research grant in the scientific field in France.


- If you are 18+ legal US resident, and planing to attend classes in the French Higher Education system: Campus France, is a service of the French Embassy to promote study in France to students and institutions in the United States.
- If you are a doctoral student, registered in a US university, see below.


- If you are a doctoral student, registered in a US university, you can apply for a grant from the Chateaubriand Program
- If you are a researcher : Fondation Kastler, is a national foundation which aims to facilitate foreign researchers’ visits to France.

A series of materials provided by Science Careers, the online magazine edited by Science magazine on career development :

- Living and Working in France—Feature Index.
- Finding Your Way Around the French Research System (The French research system).- On how to get funded for a research stay in France (The France-Stanford fund has been omitted).
- A Troubleshooting Guide to Landing in France.
- Experiencing France (3 witnesses talk about their expriences).
- Vin, Pain, et Science (French culture, in the working place, and beyond).
- Science Careers home page.

Science related job opportunities in Europe:

- EURAXESS - Link A networking tool for European researchers in the US, which also provides information on science matters in Europe, including job opportunities.

Applying online for a visa to stay in France:

- Visas for France
- The “Skills and Talent” Card visa (Carte Compétences & Talents)

See also our Career Opportunities section on our homepage.

More links from EduFrance:
Summaries of study programs in France.
For summaries of schools of higher education in France, click here.
EduFrance also has a webpage to help young people understand the French higher education system and determine the different schooling paths available.