Los Angeles, labeled French Tech Hub!

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On the occasion of her visit to Montreal focusing on the theme of innovation, with Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, announced the names of the 10 new international communities of French entrepreneurs that have been labeled French Tech Hubs by the French government.

10 French Tech Hubs joined the global network of French entrepreneurs abroad

Out of the 17 projects submitted, 10 were judged mature enough to be proudly flying the French Tech flag abroad.
The objective of these new French Tech hubs is to assist and support locally the development of French companies with the help of a team of public and private players (experienced entrepreneurs, market advisers, technical experts, investors, incubators, accelerators …).

The 10 new French Tech Hubs labeled during this second round are:
Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles, Milan, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Vietnam.

French Tech Los Angeles

The project has been impulsed by the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, French Accelerator , the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, and backed by Business France and the Economic Service of San Francisco, in close communication with foreign commerce advisors back in France.
French Tech Los Angeles has two main objectives: On the one hand, it wants to provide the necessary tools to the local, French entrepreneurial community in order promote its robustness and visibility within the Los Angeles tech industry; on the other hand, it seeks to raise awareness among Angeleno market participants about both the hexagonal ecosystem and the bountiful business opportunities that exist not only in France but also in Europe as a whole.

Los Angeles: A burgeoning Tech metropolis

The label "French Tech Los Angeles" will offer tools to French entrepreneurs to get more visibility into the LA Tech ecosystem allowing them to share their events, meet public or private Tech players, reach out to experts for advises, develop their companies, and become one day advisers themselves to help others.

To learn more:
FrenchTechLA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/frenchtechla
FrenchTechLA Twitter: https://twitter.com/frenchtechla
Use the hashtag : #FrenchTechLA
Website: http://www.lafrenchtech.com/