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The MIT-France Program started in September 2000, as the sixth country program of the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI). MISTI prepares MIT students and faculty to work and live in societies outside the United States through intensive language instruction, cultural immersion, in-country internships, and faculty research collaborations. MISTI is also working with corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to internationalize industry, education, and research. Building on highly successful MISTI experience in Japan, China, Germany, India, and Italy, the MIT-France Program aims to bring understanding of the accomplishments and issues of contemporary France to the attention of the students and faculty of MIT and to foster operational transatlantic cooperation.

In order to build long-term networks of cooperation between MIT and France, the MIT-France Program has been setting in place six main components:

- Internships for MIT students and young graduates in companies and research laboratories in France

- “Study in France” opportunities for MIT students and graduates at selected universities and grandes écoles

- Doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships for young MIT researchers to conduct research in France’s leading laboratories

- Visiting positions for French professors or researchers in various MIT departments

- On-campus lectures, seminars and conferences

- Seed funding for collaborative projects between MIT and France which encourage multidisciplinary approaches in education, research and technological innovation

- Partnerships with a limited number of leading French companies.

The Call for proposal is generally open in Spring, each year.