Marc Daumas

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Attaché for Science and Technology (Information Technologies and Security), Embassy of France in the USA (September 2012-2015)

Marc Daumas, now 42, is a former fellow student of the Ecole Norrmale Supérieure (ENS) at Lyon. Admitted in mathematics (1989-1993), he obtained his aggregation in mathematics (1994), his PhD (1996) and his habilitation in computer science (2001). He is also a graduate of SMU (MSc, 1992 in Dallas, Texas). After working for the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) as a research scientist in the computer science laboratory of the ENS at Lyon (LIP), he moved to Perpignan and was later hired as a Full Professor (2007).

He has done research with NASA Langley Research Center, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Texas at Arlington (US) and INRIA in Paris and Nice areas (France). He has been the chairman of a nationwide research initiative (GDR 725) of the CNRS on Computer Architecture, Systems and Networks (ASR) that represents about 600 research scientists and professors. He also worked for three years for the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) in Paris where he was the Programme Officer for Information Technology (IT) in the International Expert Mission (MEI). Lately, he was also the nationwide Referring Expert for IT in the Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR), a $ 6 billion fiscal incentive to support research and development in the French industry.