Meet the 2017 US Laureates of the YEi Start in France Program 

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YEi Start in France

The YEi Start in France program, founded in 2005 by the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States, is an annual competition organized by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in partnership with Business France, Paris&Co, Paris Région Entreprises, and the RETIS Innovation Network for young foreign science-based companies interested in growing their business in France and Europe.

YEi Start in France provides a personalized immersion week in France including training sessions, networking and one-on-one meetings that will allow each laureate to benefit from an extensive customized business network and connections to the best resources in Europe.

As of 2017, American, South-African, Italian, South Korean and Taiwanese companies are eligible to apply.

The 2017 Laureates of the YEi Start in France Program in the United States

The call for applications for the United States was open from April to May 2017. The selection process was organized during June 2017 and we are very proud to announce that the 10 US laureates below will be invited to France from November 13 to 17, 2017.

Adjoint – MA: Secure Smart Contracts for Enterprise Applications to automate financial trades’ order processing.
Catalytic Innovations – MA: Catalytic Innovations develops electrolysis technology to clean our air and environment.
D&P Bioinnovations – CA: D&P Bioinnovations is developing an implantable, absorbable medical device to regenerate a damaged esophagus.
Losant – OH: Losant makes it easy to build complex Internet of Things solutions.
Neurable – MA: Neurable’s technology allows people to control software with their minds.
PhotoniCare – IL: PhotoniCare’s ClearView otoscope enables physicians to accurately treat middle ear infections by seeing through the eardrum.
Sea Machines – MA: Sea Machines builds Autonomous Control & Remote Command Systems to upgrade the operation of existing
or new build marine vessels.
Snapdragon Chemistry – MA: Snapdragon Chemistry uses flow chemistry, online analysis, algorithms and IoT to digitize chemical synthesis.
Surgical Innovation Associates – IL: SIA is improving soft tissue support in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery with novel absorbable scaffolds.
Xeno Therapeutics – MA: XenoTherapeutics’ mission is advancing xenotransplantation, and it starts with Xeno-Skin, a burn treatment.

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