NETVA 2017: 20 High-Tech French Startups heading to North America!

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In 2017, 107 young innovative companies applied to the French national competition to participate in the NETVA program. These candidates went through two selection processes, the first taking place in Paris, and the second in one of the four NETVA cities: Boston, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, DC. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and its partners are proud to present the 20 French startups which have been selected to take part in the 2017 edition of NETVA which offers a personalized support program in order to familiarize them with the North American markets.

2017 NETVA Laureates

Going to Boston

  • Accelad : first software assistant for electronics engineers
  • Airthium : high-efficiency compressed air energy storage
  • Dynacure new treatments for patients affected by serious orphan disorders, for certain neuromuscular diseases
  • Innopain develops an alternative to morphine and opiates for acute and chronic severe pain treatment
  • Op2Lysis the first medical treatment designed to remove the hematoma formed in the brain in patients with an hemorrhagic stroke

Going to San Francisco

  • Carthera : high intensity contact ultrasound interstitial medical device
  • Cell Constraint & Cancer : disruptive innovation in oncology constraint field to change the phenotype of cancer tissue
  • Earthcube enables global monitoring of your activities and the environment relevant to you, increases satellite and airborne imagery accessibility thanks to the latest artificial intelligence developments
  • iExec : blockchain-based distributed cloud platform
  • LightOn develops novel optics-based computing hardware

Going to Toronto

  • Alkion BioInnovations has developed and patented a R&D platform to obtain highly valuable natural non-GMO ingredients/biomass for the nutritional & non-cosmetic fragrance markets
  • MilliDrop : major advance in culture automation and high-throughput analysis in microbiology
  • NFC Interactive : proximity technologies, software solutions in areas such as industry, commerce and event management
  • ORFEA Acoustique Développement develops Silent Space, a sound masking technology to limit obtrusive noise in open plan work space
  • Scortex : harnessing the power of deep learning, we provide a turnkey smart visual inspection solution as a service for manufacturing

Going to Washington, DC

  • Diabeloop : artificial pancreas project to fight type 1 diabetes
  • Irisiome : innovative tunable fiber laser solutions for science and industry, such as laser tatoo removal
  • : uses the latest advances in research to provide IT security solutions
  • Uwinloc : the only IoT indoor location solution using battery-less tags
  • Vaonis : the world’s most compact telescope


Since 2010, NETVA has supported 88 startups. It is organized by the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the United States, in partnership with a total of thirty partners such as the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, Bpifrance, Business France, Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France, Inria. More info : [] - contact [at]

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