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The creation of these networks was announced by the Prime Minister during the Innovation Meetings in 1998 and was confirmed by the interdepartmental Committee of scientific and technological research (CIRST) in 1998 and 1999. These networks represent a new type of innovation funding set by the French Ministry for Research (Technology Direction). The aim of these networks is to promote technological transfers between public basic research and industry in government marked priority fields. They are thus opened to all laboratories and companies working in their areas.


The main objective of these networks is to give rise to innovative and cooperative projects with industrial finality:

  • By answering the anticipated needs of the market,
  • By promoting cooperation and technology transfers between public research and industry,
  • By arousing start-ups and strengthening small and medium companies,
  • By animating the technical and scientific community,
  • By implicating SME’s in innovative cooperation.
  • RTE : Earth and Space National Network
  • RNRT : National Network of Research in Telecommunications
  • PREDIT : Land Transport Research and Innovation National Network
  • RMNT : French Research Network in Micro and Nano Technologies
  • RESEAUPACO : Fuel Cell Research and Innovation National Network
  • RGCU : Civil Engineering National Network
  • RNTL : National Network of Software Technologies
  • RNMP : Materials and Processes Innovation National Network
  • RNTS : Health National Network
  • RITEAU : National Network of Environmental Technologies
  • RAéS : Aeronautical Research on Supersonic Technologies Network
  • RIAM :Audio-visual and Multi-media Research Network
  • RARE : "Food European Reference" Network
  • RITMER : National Network on accidental marine pollution