Nobel prize Georges Charpak is dead.

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Physicist, Nobel prize winner, former resistant and deported to Dachau, Georges Charpak passed away at 86.

The physicist Georges Charpak passed away Tuesday September 29 in Paris, he was 86 years old.
He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992 for his work on elementary particles. Since 1948 he was a CNRS researcher in the laboratory of nuclear physics at Collège de France, under the direction of Frédéric Joliot, the he joined the Laboratoire Européen de Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) in Genève, where he remained until 1989. Georges Charpak was member of the Académie des sciences since May 20, 1985.

From a polish family, this former résistant had been deported to Dachau.