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ONERA is a public, scientific and technical establishment with both industrial and commercial responsibilities, ONERA reports to the French Ministry of Defense and enjoys financial independence.

The expertise of ONERA covers all the scientific disciplines involved in aircraft, spacecraft and missile design. It makes ONERA an essential partner in the French and European aeronautics and space community.


To assist government agencies in charge of coordinating civil and military aerospace policy
To direct and carry out aerospace research
To design, produce and operate the resources needed to perform research and testing for manufacturers
To make available and commercialize the results of its research and facilitate application of this research by industry, including non-aerospace sectors
To support the French training policy for scientists and engineers

Key Figures

  • a turnover of 200 million euros (2001),
  • 2,000 employees,
  • 8 centres (Chalais-Meudon, Châtillon, Le Fauga-Mauzac, Lille,
    Modane-Avrieux, Palaiseau, Salon-de-Provence and Toulouse).

Fields of Activity

  • aerodynamics
  • flight mechanics
  • energetics
  • structural resistance
  • materials
  • optics and laser
  • acoustics
  • electromagnetism
  • electronics
  • systems
  • robotics
  • information processing