Operation Campus : An unheard-of, 5-million-dollar effort to develop 12 excellent campuses

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Operation Campus is an exceptional plan for university buildings, launched at the initiative of President Sarkozy. It intends to develop and promote 12 campuses that will be the window into France and will reinforce the attractiveness and influence of French universities.

The 12 campuses selected :

Honorary mention

Five projects have been honored with the title of “promising campus,” a campus with strong scientific and teaching potential and for which the State supports as a model for other universities in the country. Four projects have been named “innovative campuses” for their high quality.
In total, in the end of April 2009, 260 million euros were allocated for promising and innovative campuses:

The five promising campuses received the following allocations :
- · Bretagne (Rennes) : 30 million euros
- · Clermont-Ferrand : 30 million euros
- · Nantes : 30 millions euros
- · Nice-Sophia Antipolis : 30 million euros
- · Paris Est (Créteil-Marne la Vallée) : 50 million euros

The four innovative campuses of Cergy, Dijon, Le Havre and Valenciennes will each receive 20 million euros in support.

This makes a total of 260 million euros that the State is investing in these campuses, in addition to the five billion euros allocated to the 12 campuses selected by the Operation jury in 2008.

With these commitments, the State reaffirms more than ever its support of universities and research and its willingness to promote, within France and in international competition, major university centers founded on the regrouping of establishments, the sharing of skill and talent, and the notable improvement of living conditions for students.