Post-doctoral position : 2-years - Extracellular vesicles & immune cells in metastasis onset

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The Goetz Lab at INSERM U1109 is seeking a talented postdoctoral scientist with background in Cell Biology, Cancer Biology or Immunology and interest in interdisciplinary research. Our lab uses advanced imaging techniques (such as intravital microscopy, correlative electron microscopy and high-speed imaging) and new zebrafish models to study tumor metastasis at multiple scales. The lab is also actively investigating the contribution of mechanical forces as well as
extracellular vesicles in metastasis onset. Our approach permits real-time imaging ranging from whole body tumour progression to single-cell/vesicle metastatic events. Doing so, we aim to understand how metastasis occurs in
relevant and controlled animal models (see relevant publications). Our lab will shortly move into the Center for Biomedical Research of Strasbourg, a brand new institute that will be equipped with multiple platforms and facilities (mouse and
zebrafish husbandry, imaging facility). The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary team made of cell and
cancer biologists, molecular biologists and physicist. The candidate will be in charge of driving a project aiming to use the zebrafish embryo for studying the impact of extracellular vesicles and immune cells in metastatic outgrowth. The candidate will develop his project independently, under the supervision of two researchers (V.Hyenne and Jacky G.Goetz). The candidate is also expected to present his results in the form of publications and international conference presentations, and to participate to writing of grant applications. For more information on the group’s research see

The position is full time with an initial two-years contract with strong prospects for renewal.

All applications must be sent to Jacky G.Goetz ( or Vincent (

Please include the following in your application:

• A cover letter

• Your resume including at least 2 referees with supporting letters/contact details

• deadline : September, 1st, 2019