Reception in Honor of French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Held in Houston

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The Consul General of France in Houston, Sujiro Seam, and the Office for Science & Technology organized a cocktail reception on July 11 at the Consular residence in honor of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who returned to Houston on a post flight mission. Before a captivated audience, Thomas Pesquet described the outlines of his Proxima mission (CNES/European Space Agency): 7 years of training, his first impressions in space, the science experiments conducted on the ISS, his Extra-Vehicular Activities, the not so “soft landing” on the capsule Soyuz and his re-adaptation to life on Earth.

Answering many questions, Thomas Pesquet mentioned how his journey to space completed his awareness of the “fragility” of planet Earth and of the necessity to preserve it.

From left to right: The Consul General of France in Houston, Mr. Sujiro Seam, the French astronaut, Mr. Thomas Pesquet, and the Attaché for Science & Technology, Mr. Alain Mermet