STEM Chateaubriand Fellowship: 2016 Fellows Named

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The Office for Science and Technology is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016-2017 STEM Chateaubriand Fellowship. Over the next year, these American PhD students will spend 4 to 9 months in France performing research in a French partner laboratory.

Among the 50 fellows listed below, 5 will be partly supported by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), 3 by the French National Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (Inria), 5 by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), 3 by the GROW Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

More information on the Fellowship as well as the Fellows from previous years can be found at: STEM Chateaubriand Fellowship.

Last NameFirst NameUS UniversityFrench Host InstitutionField of Study
Agrawal Shishir UC Berkeley Université de Strasbourg Mathematics
Beckerson William University of Louisville Université de Paris-Sud Biology, Health
Blaimont Pauline University of California, Santa Cruz Station d’Ecologie Experimentale du CNRS Biology, Health
Boswell Steven Columbia University IFREMER Geosciences, Space
Coignet Marie Roswell Park Cancer Institute Centre de Lutte contre le Cancer Léon Berard Biology, Health [1]
Coleman Alan Pennsylvania State University Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Physics
Corwin David Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ecole Normale Supérieure Mathematics
Dakota Daniel Indiana University University Paris Diderot Computer Science/IT
Fernandez Nicole University of Illinois at Champaign, Urbana Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris Geosciences, Space
Gao Yuzhi University of Texas at Dallas Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III Engineering
Haft-Javaherian Mohammad Cornell University Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse Engineering
Hanson Shalla Duke University Université Pierre et Marie Curie Mathematics [2]
Henderson Katharine University of Chicago Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Épinière Biology, Health
Hill Megan University of Florida Institut Galien Paris-Sud Chemistry [3] [4]
Hua Nelson University of California San Diego Université Paris Sud Physics [3]
Jackman Connor University California Santa Cruz Universite Paris-Dauphine Mathematics
Jacome Veronica University of California, Berkeley MINES ParisTech Environmental Research
Jazic Ina Harvard School of Public Health Université de Bordeaux, ISPED Mathematics
Joseph Christina University of South Carolina French Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Chemistry
Kileel Joe University of California, Berkeley University of Toulouse Mathematics
Koelle Samson University of Washington University of Bordeaux Biology, Health [1]
Lang Harry Johns Hopkins University INRIA Saclay Mathematics [2]
Lloyd Nicole Rutgers University Université Lyon I Environmental Research
Mauch Emily Iowa State University French National Institute for Agricultural Research Biology, Health
McCown Robin Boise State University Université de Montpellier Engineering
Meyer Joshua University of Arizona CNRS, LIMSI Computer Science/IT [4]
Morrison Ariel University of Colorado, Boulder École Polytechnique à Palaiseau Geosciences, Space
Napolitano Denise Arizona State University Université de Strasbourg Chemistry
Naughton Perry University of California, San Diego ISTerre - University Joseph Fourier Engineering [4]
Phelps Samuel Columbia University Centre Européen de Recherche et d’Enseignement des Géosciences de l’Environnement Geosciences, Space
Ringo Jessica University of Cincinnati University of Bordeaux Chemistry
Rivera-Hernandez Frances University of California, Davis Université de Nantes Geosciences, Space
Rosenblum Erica University of California, San Diego Ifremer, Centre Bretagne Geosciences, Space
Rossi Nicholas University of Vermont Ecole Normale Supérieure Engineering [3]
Ryan Sean University of Pennsylvania Biology Institute of the Ecole Normale Superieure Biology, Health [1]
Sachdev Surabhi California Institute of Technology Cote d’Azur Observatory Physics [3]
Sahin Gulcan Washington State University Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée Biology, Health [1]
Schneider Christopher Louisiana State University Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire Physics
Taylor Morgan University of Pennsylvania Unité de Neurosciences, Information & Complexité, CNRS Health [3]
Telford Evan Columbia University Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) Physics
Thomas Sara Northwestern University Biosciences and Biotechnology Institute of Grenoble Environmental Research
Torabian Kian University of Houston Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Université de Lyon Engineering
Toups Haley University of Nevada, Reno University of Bordeaux Agronomy
Tretina Kyle University of Maryland, Baltimore Cochin Institute Biology, Health [1]
Wang Seaver Duke University Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer Environmental Research
Watson Ross Chrys University of New Mexico Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique Computer Science/IT [2]
Wehrle Beck University of California, Irvine Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle Biology, Health
Weinstein Aliyah University of Pittsburgh Cordeliers Research Center/Inserm Biology, Health
White Aaron University of Michigan Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire at Orsay Physics
Wiener Benjamin Brown University École Normale Supérieure Physics


[1Project supported by Inserm

[2Project supported by Inria

[3Project supported by CNRS

[4Project supported by NSF GROW