Science Café in Dallas - Aerospace Structures & Biodynamics: A Bridge Between Physicists & Physicians

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The Office for Science & Technlogy of the Consulate General of France in Houston and the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Dallas/Fort Worth invite you to a Science Café in Dallas with Professor Yves Gourinat, Full Professor for Solid Mechanics at the SupAéro aerospace engineering school, on March 26, 2018 at 6 pm.

Presentation: Aerospace Structures & Biodynamics: A Bridge Between Physicists & Physicians

After centuries of engineering and scientific development, biology remains in many fields a source of inspiration for effective and elegant solutions to many technological problems, and aerospace engineering is no exception to this. For the past fifteen years, the University of Toulouse supported research to better link these fields of research, taking the solutions found by nature and applying them much further than any living being ever went, for long range spaceflight among other things.

Yves Gourinat, professor at the SupAéro aerospace engineering school and former Airbus engineer, will present the numerous ways in which biology led the way to new technological developments as well as successful transversal collaborations between biolabs and manned spaceflight engineering laboratories.

About Professor Yves Gourinat:

Since 2003, Yves Gourinat has been a full professor for Solid Mechanics at the SupAéro aerospace engineering school. He is the founder of the lab of nonlinear dynamics and biodynamics. From 2012 to 2016 he was the Director of the Aerospace Doctoral School. Professor Gourinat is now the Deputy Director of Institut Clément Ader at the Univeristy of Toulouse. As a specialist in dynamics, he has worked with the Occitanian University Hospital Center and human biology laboratories on medical and bioinspired applications of Aerospace Science. Previously, he was an Engineer on Aircraft Structures for 7 years (Aerospatiale Aircraft, now Airbus SAS) for A340 and ATR72 certification. Professor Gourinat is the author of 229 referenced scientific contributions and holds several distinctions, including the FJ Malina Astronautics Medal of the International Astronautical Federation.