Science Café in Houston - Teleconsultation, a convenient access to the physician in making distance irrelevant and time more compact

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The Office for Science & Technology of the Consulate General of France in Houston invites you to a Science Café with Professor Jacques Cinqualbre, Professor of medicine and former transplant surgeon.

- Where: Consulate General of France, 777 Post Oak Blvd #600, Houston, TX 77056
- When: Thursday, October 25 at 5:30 pm
- Registration, limited number of guests
- Free event open to all (free visitor parking available - entrance on Hollyhurst Lane)
- Beverages & finger foods
- Presentation in English


Teleconsultation, a convenient access to the physician in making distance irrelevant and time more compact

Long considered as a fantasy of illumined visionaries, teleconsultation holds now a leading position as a healthcare innovation and provides a sound solution to medical deserts and hospital overpopulation issues. By shortening distances between patients and practitioners, teleconsultation now allows to perform medical acts as satisfactory as face-to-face ones, with the added possibility of collecting an expert diagnosis during the remote consultation. Using sciences of information, telecom technologies and dematerialization also enable the collection of a comprehensive patient data file, which, provided data security, is a unique source for a better diagnosis from physicians.

In September 2018, the French government decided that teleconsultation will be now be covered the French “medicare”. On the American side, only 24 states provide a reimbursement policy; Mississippi being the only one to refund on live video, store-and-forward, and remote patient monitoring.

What is teleconsultation? How is it performed? Who can benefit from it? Professor Jacques Cinqualbre, founder of HOPI Medical will present the ins and outs of teleconsultation, from its scientific challenges to its current development. A demo will be given during the presentation.


Jacques Cinqualbre was Professor of medicine (1982-2012) at the University of Strasbourg, Chairman of General surgery and multi-organ (liver, kidney, pancreas) transplant department.
He also was in charge of the reorganization of blood transfusion system in France (1991-1994). For the last six years, he focused his interest on telemedicine, through HOPI medical, a company providing comprehensive teleconsultation services in Europe, in Africa and soon in Texas.
He is the author of three books: “Ischémie intestinale aigüe” (1978); “Greffes d’organes” (2004); and “Télémédecine, la vraie médecine de proximité” (2017, 2nd Edition 2019).