Sequencing the human intestinal flora: launching of the European project MetaHIT coordinated by INRA

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Marion Guillou, President of INRA, launched the European project MetaHIT on April 11th 2008 at the INRA Research Centre of Jouy-en-Josas in the presence of Christian Desaintes of the General Directorate for Research of the European Commission. The ambitious goal of this project, coordinated by INRA, is to study the genome of all the bacteria constituting the human intestinal flora in order to characterize its functions and implications on health. This genome contains 100 times more genes than the human genome. MetaHIT opens numerous perspectives for applications in the field of nutrition and human health. It brings together 12 European research and industrial organizations as well as one Chinese research institute. The contribution granted to this project by Europe amounts to 11.4 million euros for 4 years as part of the 7th Framework Programme, for a total cost of approximately 20 million euros.

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