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Technopoles were born from the local wills to stimulate the economic development of territories through innovation. For more than fifteen years, the technopoles have maintained partnerships between Industry and Trade Chambers (CCI) and universities.

In the mean time, the European Centers of Companies and Innovation (CEEI) developed, on the initiative of the direction of the regional policies of the European Union (DG XVI). Since nearly fifteen years, the CEEI play a major part of support to the creation of innovating companies.

These two developed in two distinct but increasingly overlapping networks. With the passing of years, the experience sharing between these two networks was structured around three trades:

- animation and the setting in network of competences
- engineering of innovating projects
- reception of companies and marketing of the territory.

It was thus natural to marry innovation and pragmatism, effectiveness and visibility: January 19, 2000, the fusion of the two networks gave rise to France Technopoles Entreprises Innovation.

Génopoles en France : Genopole Network

Agroparc : technopole d’Avignon (agro-alimentaire, TIC)

Agropole : food research technopole (Sud Ouest)

Alimentec : food researchtechnopole (Rhône-Alpes)

Atalante : Bretagne (Rennes)

Atlanpole : Pays de la Loire (Nantes Atlantique)

Biopole Clermont-Limagne : Auvergne

Eurasanté: Nord-Pas-de-Calais (Lille)

Futura Corse Technopole : Corse (Bastia)

Grand Lyon Technopole : Rhône-Alpes

Lorient Technopole Innovations

Méditerranée Technologies

Micropolis : Paca

Montpellier Mediterranée : Languedoc-Roussillon

Parc technologique de La Réunion

Reims Technopole Incubation

Savoie Technolac

Sophia Antipolis : Pac

Technoparc du Mans : Pays de la Loire

Technopole Brest-Iroise : Bretagne

Technopole d’Angers : Pays de la Loire

Technopole d’Orléans : Centre

Technopole de Haute-Alsace

Technopole de l’Aube : Champagne-Ardenne

Technopole de Metz

Technopole de Nancy : Lorraine

Technopole de Quimper

Technopole de Valmaris : Haute-Normandie

Technopole Ester : Limousin

Technopôle Marseille Provence : Paca