The ICM Institute in Paris presents The Brain to Market Summer School 2018 : Light on Parkinson’s Disease

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This year’s Parkinson’s-focused Brain to Market Summer School will take place from September 3-7 at the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière (ICM) in Paris, France. The 5-day programme combines translational neuroscience and entrepreneurship training in a boot-camp format. We are eager to host an international group of researchers, clinicians, executives, and engineers who want to learn more about the business side of science. This executive education program aims to give participants a fresh perspective on innovation as well as the skill-set needed to make a real difference for patients and healthcare systems and research and development.

This novel and innovative program of training combine both translational neuroscience and entrepreunarial formation aim to change participants‘s mindset.

Targeting audience from various origins, the main aim of this summer school is to provide a high level training in a 360° environment, giving to participants a comprehensive overview of reality and issues of the economic and industrial sphere.

During a 5 days period, through an intensive training, participants are challenged on research issues, different each year, with a final aim to imagine together medicine for tomorrow.


  • Various participants, national and international researchers (master and PhD students, post-doctorants), clinicians, engineers, executives.
  • An innovative training combing neuropathology and entrepreneurial formation
  • An intensive training: students work within multidisciplinary groups in order to share their knowledges in an efficient way
  • Ambitious projects reviewed by experts


  • 1st day, the scientific thematic is presented trough experts talks : researchers, clinicians, paramedical staff. The aim of this day is to highlight the major challenges of the diseases and pave the way to project elaboration.
  • 2nd day, marketing and business basis, health market, ethics and regulatory aspects are approached by representative experts from the health and wellbeing economic community: firms and regulatory agencies.
  • 3rd and 4th days, participants work within teams on projects with an instructor and a coach who help them to promote their ideas
  • 5th day, participants present their projects which are evaluated par an expert committee to elect the most promising

Please note that the programme is offered in English. The selection process for admissions is based on candidate’s background and cover letter.

More information & registration link on the ICM Institute Website !