YEi Start in France 2016 : Applications are now open!

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YEi Start in France, started in 2005, is an accelerator designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business in France and Europe. It provides an intensive training in Boston and Paris and one week immersion in France that will allow laureates to benefit from of an extensive customized business network and connections to the best resources in Europe.

The YEi Start in France initiative is an accelerator program designed to help innovative US companies identifying growth opportunities in France. Selected companies will be offered training sessions in the US and in Paris to get to know the French research and innovation environment and learn how to conduct business in France. Awardees will benefit from an all-inclusive personalized week in France, including access to an extensive customized business network and connections to some of the best resources in Europe.

Say “OUI” to France

A fiercely competitive global technology market is a challenge to any entrepreneur. The key to success is being able to internationalize your vision and activities at an early stage. The YEi Start in France program can help you achieve your goal through a free, personalized, one-stop program in France.

France offers significant advantages to innovators and entrepreneurs:

  • World renowned R&D centers; business hubs eager to partner with technology ventures
  • Highly skilled workforce - labor costs 20%-50% lower than in the US
  • Fertile, productive business environment - advantages and benefits for startups
  • Access to European markets, reliable R&D tax credits, access to funding
  • And so much more!

What do we offer?

All US-based companies selected to participate in the YEi Start in France 2016 will benefit from mentoring and networking programs in the U.S., to help them study the feasibility of setting up their venture in France, the gateway to Europe.

The high point of YEi Start in France 2016 is a one-week immersion stay in France including training, personalized connections, and mentoring. This immersion week will be split between the Paris area and one other French region whose innovative ecosystem best fits the needs of each laureate.

The French week includes:

- For more information and to apply :
- Application deadline: June 3