innovation plan

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Innovation Plan

December 11th, 2002, Madam Nicole FONTAINE, Minister delegated to Industry, presented a plan in favour of innovation, elaborated in association with Madam Claudie HAIGNERE.
This " Innovation Plan" contained six axes of concrete propositions which were the object, since December 11th, of a very wide national consultation.

This consultation spread out over more than three months and met a large success: thousands of persons expressed themselves, directly or indirectly through their representative associations, by answering to the " white book " which had widely been diffused on both websites and .

Economic measures

1 - A Status for " individual Investors in young companies " ( business angels)

2) A favorable fiscal frame for young innovative companies

3) New helps in favour of R&D investments

4) Easier financial support circuits

5) A better valuation of research by companies

6)Innovation becomes a national and European priority